Welcome to the Rush

quantum: a required or allowed amount // a share or portion

rush: a sudden thrill

Quantum Rush: a platform that motivates consumers to make small investments in worthy causes by purchasing quality t-shirts and works of creativity for the thrill of creating a better world.

A social enterprise based out of the hustling’ and bustlin’ college town community of Charlottesville, Virginia, Quantum Rush has withstood the test of months of unending development and relentless refinement. As a result, we have emerged a focused startup with a clear vision: we want to get you excited about humanity’s finest and empower you to play a role in progress.

Going forward, Quantum Rush plans to partner with a variety of individuals and organizations — namely select nonprofits, non-governmental organizations, startups, artists, and authors. Through these partnerships, we will create campaigns to primarily do two things: generate awareness for the project behind the campaign and allocate the funds to help make that project happen successfully.

Funds will be raised for these causes via product sales. Most campaigns will revolve around an organic, California-made, artisan t-shirt — each imprinted with a unique design that captures the essence of the partner’s project. These campaigns will focus predominantly on environmental and wildlife conservation, creative endeavors, and community-improving initiatives.

That’s what Quantum Rush does and that’s how we work.

But why? What’s our ethos? Our vision? Our ultimate purpose?

This is about empowerment. Shifting the ability to act and make a difference from giant monoculture conglomerates to the little guy — to the underfunded nonprofit in town, to the new startup with ideas and vision but no audience, and to the struggling writer down the street. To people like you and me.

Enough with the conventional donation model of free handouts and giveaways. In too many cases it’s impersonal and unsustainable. When you buy from Quantum Rush, you’re delivered a tangible product. Something to touch and feel and treasure. 20% of that sale directly funds the project behind the product, and 100% goes to good causes. On the other end, the partner earns the support they deserve for the work that they’ve done. A total win-win, no?

The future is bright and the potential is endless for Quantum Rush. You know now what we do. You know why we do it. You know what we believe in. If you believe in our vision, if our passion is your passion, you know what you have to do.

Quantum Rush is for the dreamers. It’s for the storytellers and those curious enough to listen. It’s for the doers and adventurers who can never squeeze enough out of life. It’s for those with the imagination and will to actively craft a future we can look forward to and a present we can enjoy while we live it now. It’s for those who can’t wait for tomorrow, but don’t forget to live for today.

So take today and go forth. Make a ruckus. Break some rules and make a difference. Do something that matters.

written by //

Evan Grinde

Founder / CEO of Quantum Rush


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